WiredScore Home certification

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WiredScore certification logo

Understanding WiredScore Home certification

WiredScore sets a global benchmark for technology in the built environment through the assessment, certification and improvement of digital connectivity and smart tech. 

As WiredScore Home APs we work with residential landlords and developers to understand, benchmark, improve and promote the digital connectivity in their buildings and developments, so that residents can find homes that meet their connectivity needs and enjoy a superior in-home digital connectivity experience.

We bring much needed clarity to a constantly evolving market through fair, thorough, and independently verified methods. 

Benefits of  a WiredScore Home Certification



Residents are able to find housing that offers a range of connectivity services and packages by assessing the speed of the internet in the building.



Residents are able to find housing that house infrastructure capable of providing resilient and stable internet throughout the building and residences.



Residents are able to assess the connectivity services when searching for housing, such as the ability to connect to the internet at move-in, or smart technology capabilities.



Residents are able to find housing that has ready access to a range of internet service providers, so they can choose the option that works best for their needs.



Residents are able to find housing that ensures connecting to internet and Wi-Fi will always be safe and secure via a protected network.

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