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We saw the problem first hand – real estate wanted to digitally transform, but often lacked the time, resource, and knowledge to make sense of all the technology pitched to them. PropTech companies struggled to articulate their value proposition, resulting in slow growth, low user adoption, and lack of scale.

We set up Trustek to bridge that gap. 

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We provide strategic proptech advice to enhance your portfolio and assets.


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We have built, owned and sold proptech, and worked in commercial real estate,
so understand the pinch points.

All too often we see landlords, asset managers and FMs struggling with a problem that could easily be solved with the right tech. But because of time constraints they’re unable to truly understand the problem, thoroughly research solutions, or effectively manage their implementation to ensure strong, long-lasting solutions.

Flip over to the PropTech companies and whilst they’re reaching the purse string holders, 99% of the time they’re not the users on the ground so they don’t fully grasp the practical implications of the bringing in new tech. 

As a result, the tech doesn’t properly match the problem.

It isn’t properly used, ROI is poor, and it grows layers of digital dust until someone decides to look for a new solution.
And so, the process repeats itself. 

We are about breaking that cycle. We are about working with building owners to FMs, to front of house teams. We are about ensuring energy efficiency, occupier wellbeing, and ultimately the future of commercial real estate through the practical application of property technology. 

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