WiredScore certification

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WiredScore Certification logo
WiredScore certification logo

Understanding WiredScore certification

WiredScore sets a global benchmark for technology in the built environment through the assessment, certification and improvement of digital connectivity and smart tech. 

As WiredScore and SmartScore Accredited Professionals we can guide you through the certification process and enable you to understand, improve, benchmark, and promote your buildings’ digital connectivity and smart technology. We bring much needed clarity to a constantly evolving market through fair, thorough, and independently verified methods. 

Benefits of  WiredScore Certification



Increase current rental value

Tenants are prepared to pay more for demonstrated levels of connectivity within a building.


Future-proof your assets

Get ahead of fast changing and complex tenant technology demands during, and post, certification.


Stand out from the crowd 

Identifies your business and your assets as technologically forward thinking.


Add long-term value

Ensure your assets can flexibly adapt to new technology.

Case studies

24 Endell Street, London

24 Endell Street, London

40,000 sq ft refurbishment Pioneering design in collaboration with tenant team Trustek acting as a smart building consultant.


Ragged School, London

Ragged School, London

Unique refurbishment of former victorian warehouse Trustek acting as a smart building consultant.


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