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Understand | Select | Deploy | Measure

With over 10,000 PropTech solutions available it can be easy to get overwhelmed, implement the wrong tech, or fail to get the best value out of your chosen solutions.

Trustek partners with real estate owners, operators and occupiers to increase value, efficiency, and experience by driving change with property technology.

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Real estate is evolving fast. Technology is evolving even faster.


We live in a world where everything is on-demand; where we can get what we want, when we want it and without paying through the nose for it. Technology consultancy should be the same.


Our mission at Trustek is to help customers like you make the right PropTech decisions, at the right time. Whenever, and however you need us. Impartially, and with no costly retainers or hidden fees.  


Whether you need a monthly sounding board, to help you keep up with the fast-paced world of property technology, in-depth strategy, data crunching, procurement and more – our team of experts are on hand when you need us.


300+ PropTech projects completed

2m+ sq ft audited and improved



Understanding what you need, and more importantly what you don’t, in the confusing and complex world of property technology is the first step to unlocking your business’ potential.


With Trustek you get access to the full power and scope of our team’s deep expertise. From our insider knowledge, working with the best agents, landlords, suppliers and operators, to our technical know-how, we leverage our unique, impartial data for your unique needs.



If you were to invest just one hour a day looking into each of the 10,000+ PropTech solutions on the market today, it would take you a staggering 21 years to come even close to an informed decision. 


With Trustek you get access to such due diligence in seconds. Our deep understanding of the industry, our technical knowledge, our data, our network, and our impartiality means we help you select only the very best solutions, and only at the times you need them. 



Understanding your PropTech needs, and selecting the best solutions for your business is one thing. Deploying these solutions is quite another. It’s why many consultancies finish when the decisions have been made. 


With Trustek, our support for you and your business doesn’t end once we’ve helped you select your solutions. Our team of experienced project managers will guide you through every stage of deployment – providing as much, or as little assistance you, your staff and your tenants need. 



So you understand your needs, you’ve selected your solutions, you’ve deployed your technology. Now what? Measuring how your PropTech decision is impacting your business is crucial in helping you take your business to the next level. 


With Trustek, we demystify this often time-consuming and overwhelming process. We analyse the data, we show you how the technology is performing against your ROI and SLAs and we do so in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.


Who we partner with.


We partner with landlords, owners and investors looking to buy, sell or evaluate assets. We help them understand how the technology across their real estate stacks up in the current market. We help them attract and retain the right occupiers, and we help them future-proof buildings with property technology.

Managing agents

We partner with managing agents looking to understand, select and deploy the right solutions for all of their existing buildings, or across their entire portfolios. We help them change, upgrade and deploy the very best technologies. We help them maximise their ROI, and we help them review service charges to make sure they’re getting the very best value. 


We partner with occupiers who want to deliver the best experience to their teams by making the workplace slick, digital and effortless working environment. We remove paper, fuss and manual processes to ensure no time is wasted, whilst elevating the occupier experience so that they enjoy the spaces they work in.


We partner with operators across the entire PropTech industry, from deep tech hardware manufacturers to consumer-facing software providers. This means we can provide informed, impartial and transparent advice. We match real estate owners and occupiers with only the very best operators to help foster relationships that last. 


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