Building Audits

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Are you using your building’s technology to its full potential? 

Seismic shifts are taking place in the way people work, ESG requirements are top of the agenda, and 'smart buildings' are high on real estate's wish list.

But is the PropTech in your asset working hard to:

Lower costs and reduce energy consumption?

Improve your tenant’s experience?

Enhance your building’s processes?

Achieve ESG and regulatory targets?  

Trustek’s Audits can help you solve these challenges.

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Our unique software enables you to fully appreciate your building's existing technology and maximise its potential.

Our Audits: 


Analyse not only your asset's existing technology, but the people who use it and the processes surrounding it.


Capture a broad range of data, giving you a rounded perspective of operational performance.


Identify gaps and suggest improvements from no-cost to future capex investment opportunities.


Benchmark you against 4.6million+ sqft of UK commercial real estate audit data collected over the last 18 months.

What does our Audit measure? 

The audit analyses seven key pillars critical to every commercial office building in the current climate.

In five of the seven areas we are able to align your asset’s responses to key industry accreditations and benchmarks.

Modular Approach

We understand that one size does not fit all. We are able to offer a modular approach, enabling assets to focus on the area most appropriate to them at a specific time.  

Infographic showing the 7 audit areas; connectivity, data utilisation, improve ESG, SMART, wellness, visitor & tenant experience, and NABERS UK.
How Truskek conducts business audits; scheduling a site visit, capturing data on the day, completing the audit document and presenting our findings

How do we conduct a Building Audit?

After obtaining a detailed understanding of what you want to achieve from a building audit, we follow a four-step process. 

audit fees

Benchmarking your asset

We not only benchmark your asset against 4.6million+ sqft of audit data, we also compare your building to similar assets in terms of size and age; enabling you to form a fuller picture of your building’s capabilities.

 How would your building stack up?

See what we learnt from the first full year of Trustek Audits. 

2022 Audit data
Trustek 2022 audit data

How quickly could you see a return on investment?

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Case studies

Audits have all played a part in these client projects from providing pre-acquisition information to influencing portfolio-wide technology procurement. 

One Valpy, Reading

One Valpy, Reading

Pre-acquisition due diligence support and competitive new technology tender process for FORMA's Reading property.


Connectivity Upgrade at Holborn Gate

Connectivity Upgrade at Holborn Gate

Our client wanted to set themselves apart through connectivity with a plug and play model. We supported them through this project.


Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St, London EC2

Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St, London EC2

Trustek were brought in to complete a full technology audit on London's original skyscraper


Connectivity and CCTV Upgrade

Connectivity and CCTV Upgrade

Connectivity and CCTV Upgrade at a prominent Midlands Industrial Park