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Do you truly understand the impact of your building's technology?

And do you make data backed decisions?

Trustek’s independent audit enables owners and operators to fully appreciate their buildings’ existing and potential technology capabilities.

We capture and analyse a broad range of data that delivers a rounded perspective of experiential and operational building performance.

The audit, focusing on six key pillars, analyses the technology, the people who use it and the processes in place, and can be used as a benchmark across a portfolio.


Understanding the data points required to support your building’s Environment Social Governance strategy is critical in delivering your building’s long-term value. 

The audit process considers everything from energy optimisation of the building, to the measurement of the social impact it has on the local community.


People are the single biggest cost for every business and with the return to the office high on the agenda for many, finessing your return-to-work strategy and viewing the transparent data on how your building can support this, is vitally important. 

The audit considers indoor air quality, end of trip facilities to encourage cycling, measuring staircase usage, and more to enable enjoyable environments for occupiers. 

Customer Experience

The first and last impression that everyone has of your building is crucial. Key to this is understanding the data behind feedback and finding ways to create a positive impression on both the occupiers and visitors.

The rise of tenant engagement platforms has created a new opportunity to communicate and deliver value added services to support occupier retention and attraction. Ensuring that your onsite teams and tenants are maximising this is a core part of the audit. 


With new legislation around the built environment changing regularly, particularly around air quality standards and health and safety legislation, the audit considers the current processes in place within a building. 

A critical part of the audit studies how effectively your building is moving away from paper-based reports, to cloud based software to mitigate risk and provide transparency to the owners and occupiers.


The fifth utility. Irrespective of the prospective occupiers within a building all companies rely on connectivity to perform daily tasks. With all businesses being forced to adopt cloud based solutions during the pandemic, reliable, high quality internet connectivity is one of the key considerations for the return to the office.​

Understanding the infrastructure and resilience is paramount for all building users and Wiredscore certification provides a global standard.

Utilisation Data

With the need to provide accurate data around the number of people onsite it has never been more paramount to have both historic and live utilisation data for your building.​

This provides transparency for occupiers and allows landlords to understand tenant behaviour.

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