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Even August, a smart building in the process of being built

Consultancy as a Service

Gain the power of an entire team, without the huge overheads, by collaborating with Trustek as your on-demand technology advisors.  

Whether you have no one in your organisation who looks after technology, or you have a team in place that require ad-hoc help for specific projects, our services can be used as little, or as much as you need.

We provide independent, honest, and factual information, gained over years of working as property and technology leaders. This unique combination of experiences allows you to take full advantage of the technology on offer today.

We join forces with organisations who want to improve their buildings technology capabilities and customer experience, but do not have the in-house knowledge, expertise, or time to deliver.



Tap into years of experience of innovation and take your buildings to the next level.


Project Management

Deliver technology projects on time, in budget and measure results.



Let us handle the technical jargon, leaving you to do what you do best.



Enhance collaboration and communication between your team, your occupiers and your customers.

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PropTech projects fail, that’s a fact. 

And it’s one that breaks our heart. But why do they repeatedly go wrong? All too often we witness low user adoption, lack of clarity around an ROI/NOI, costly opex and license fees, internal communication and duplication of work. 

We can guarantee you also get bombarded with PropTech sales collateral. It takes time to sift through the noise to find relevant solutions – time you often don’t have.  

Trustek, unlike many other consultancy partners, can work with you at every step from handling the sales teams and procurement by asking the right questions, to putting in place a technology strategy and deploying the tech properly, at every level of your organisation. Post deployment we’re also on hand to measure success to ensure you’re getting the most out of your PropTech. 

Want to deliver a truly smart building?