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What is the difference between and advisor and a consultant?

They both help clients with their challenges, but the type of service each performs is quite different.

An advisor typically works with the clients on a long-term basis, providing advice for ongoing business challenges. A consultant, on the other hand, solves narrow, well-defined problems on a project basis.

We have no products to sell to our clients, just our independent proptech advice to support their strategy.

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What makes us different?

Our Audit platform ensures we understand the current market dynamics within existing assets to advise our clients on what they should focus on.

Our Verified marketplace means that we are in constant communication with the proptech market of more than 10,000 vendors to ensure we can give accurate technology information.

pROPTECH Advisory

Since 2021 we have supported the implementation of 12m sq ft of PropTech across the UK and Europe.


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COmmerical buildings audit


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Why should you appoint an advisor?

We can save your team time and money in meeting with the 10,000+ vendors in the market.We will de-risk projects by completing technical due diligence on your behalf. We have worked in real estate and run technology businesses which gives Trustek a practical understanding of the challenges you will face.



Believe PropTech is the future of the real estate sector, delivering an undeniably positive impact



but only 33% have implemented one or two technology solutions



and only 40% of Surveyors believe they have a good understanding, or the right skills, to fully embrace PropTech

10,000 questions what is the answer?

It’s not surprising that many office landlords, property managers and occupiers are paralysed into inaction when it comes to choosing tech that will provide value.

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