Indoor Air Quality Control

Client concerns around the return-to-work post pandemic led us to work with The Network Control Group on the deployment of IAQ sensors for multiple buildings.

Indoor Air Quality Control

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The project

The challenge

Our client asked for support to address occupier concerns around health and safety when returning to the office, particularly around the quality of the air in the building.

Not only was there a lack of visibility around indoor environmental health, but our client was also aware their current processes and systems around the ventilation plant required a lot of time-consuming manual intervention, resulting in the overconsumption of energy and associated costs.

The challenge was therefore to effectively source and implement a solution that could ensure the HVAC was efficiently delivering fresh air on demand, measure the levels of CO2, TVOCs and particular matter (PM2.5), and provide user friendly data that could be utilised by FMs and reported in an easy-to-understand manner to occupiers.

The solution

After detailed discussions with the client and the occupiers regarding affordability and use of the data, we carried out a detailed assessment.

We brought in The Network Control Group (NCG) and the following solutions were identified,

1. Core & Shell indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring solution deployed to monitor and communicate CO2, temperature, humidity, particulate matter (PM 2.5) and organic compounds (TVOCs)

2. HVAC system therefore continuously monitored to ensure optimum comfort and performance

3. RESET Air standard targeted ensuring healthy building, a safe return to work and ability to market vacant space with a global certification

Working with The Network Group

As a leading supplier of connectivity, occupancy, thermal & air quality solutions, NCG were able to source the most suitable and budget sensitive sensors, and find the best platform for coherent and useful data.

NCG are also Master System Integrators (MSIs) and so were able to ensure all sensors and relevant software integrated and connected into the network. All the while discussing the requirements with FMs and M&E contractors to get the deployment on point.

Great project management from beginning to end, clear comms, and great outcomes in terms of success.

The client’s outcome

Happy occupiers who share data with employees internally, and higher rates of productivity and employee wellness.

The implementation of IAQ monitoring systems increased levels of people returning to the office and decreased building vacancies.

As a result of these early deployments, two properties are now actively working towards a RESET Air Core & Shell certification. Further helping to prove the client's commitment to occupier wellbeing in the long-term. NCG’s connectivity solution has also been deployed across multiple office sites, allowing occupiers to tap into the landlord infrastructure and take advantage of quick move-in times and fast, reliable connectivity.

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Michael Crawford


Michael Crawford

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