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Occupier Experience Platform

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Post Room and Delivery Management
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Visitor Management System (VMS)
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Tenant Engagement App

Top challenges this solution solves

Visitor and tenant experience

Operational efficiency

SMART building


Locale empowers the real estate industry to streamline building operations and enhance occupier experiences, fostering vibrant and connected communities.

It delivers best-in-class, people-centric real estate solutions to seamlessly connect people with the spaces they share. These solutions currently span:

  • Operational real estate to optimise parcel handling, engagement, data insights and more.
  • Curated occupier experiences that give you an insight into occupier and community needs.
  • Bespoke content streaming for seamless occupier engagement

Locale's consultative approach means they work with you to understand what challenges you are facing and create a practical solution that evolves with you.

The platform, available via web and mobile apps, is shaped around your building or portfolio. It offers white-labelling with your branding and is modular and configurable to suit your needs. Locale’s functionality includes, but is not limited to, visitor management, announcements, content management, digital forms (e.g permits, licenses, requests), amenity bookings, helpdesk, community groups, polls, offers & promotions, data and analytics and more.

Locale also supports occupier access control (digital access passes), visitor QR code access passes, indoor air quality sensors and occupancy sensors.

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80 million+

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Locale is the UK’s leading occupier experience platform. Currently, Locale’s solutions span operational real estate, curated occupier experiences and bespoke content streaming.

Founded in 2005 by Chief Executive Guy Windsor-Lewis, Locale is an award-winning, 30-strong independent business deploying a wide range of solutions across 80 million sq ft of residential, commercial and mixed-use property across the UK – unlike any other player in this space.

Locale is trusted strategic partners of established owners, landlords, agents and property managers across the UK delivering solutions with a clear purpose.  

April 2005
Years deploying technology in the UK:

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