Driven by increasingly sophisticated tenant expectations and sustainability challenges, commercial real estate has had to evolve. ility streamlines communication and facilitates the exchange of relevant data between real estate owners/operators and their enterprise tenants, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and collaboration in managing commercial real estate properties.

Via robust data analytic capabilities, ility collects and analyzes various metrics related to property performance, energy usage, occupancy rates, and more, fostering informed decision-making and collaborative owner-tenant relationships.

ility counts notable organizations such as Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM), Centuria Capital, and SHVO as customers, and looks forward to delivering flexibility, sustainability, and profitability to premier commercial owners.

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Data utilisation

Operational efficiency

Improvement of ESG

System integration

Visitor and tenant experience

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Middleware Software

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ility are on a mission to enable a new business model for real estate. They're challenging the traditional view that sees properties as assets to optimize, and instead, envision buildings as dynamic platforms for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Leveraging data and technology, they're paving the way for a profitability model that links success not only to financial returns but also to customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility, and operational resilience.

January 2019
Years deploying technology in the UK:

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