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Bright Spaces' fully customisable 3D visualisation tool enables Landlords, brokers, architects and fit-out companies to better showcase their spaces and optimise off-plan leases.

Enhanced Visualization - Showcase your space plan in a 3D virtual tour, now complemented by real look & feel CGI renderings from multiple areas. Tenants gain a better understanding of their future office, fostering quick and informed decision-making.

Personalised Interface - Put your branding in the spotlight by featuring your logo and contact details within the space plan. Foster direct connections with end-users and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Highlight Key Features - Identify and emphasize important space areas, such as cafeterias, fun rooms, or phone booths, catering to the new hybrid work approach. Ensure tenants can visualize their ideal workspace with ease.

Tech and ESG Integration - Embed tech and ESG characteristics directly onto the space plan, demonstrating your commitment to sustainable spaces. Present a comprehensive picture of your offerings, aligning with the evolving needs of the market.

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Bright Spaces Ops Limited

Bright Spaces is dedicated to fast-creating customised 3D Digital Twins focused on both compliance & aesthetics.

Founded in Romania in 2019, Bright Spaces are a European Venuture backed PropTech Start-up that boosts office marketing and leasing by using their 3D digital twins to increase the number of relevant requests, saving time for all parties and improving communication between tenants and brokers.

September 2019
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