Walk before you can run: Trustek’s upgraded Building Audits provide the foundations for your asset


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Freddie Pritchard-Smith


March 11, 2024

Walk before you can run: Trustek’s upgraded Building Audits provide the foundations for your asset
Helping real estate truly understand their building’s technology and equipping them with the tools to maximise its potential, was one of the major drivers behind the creation of Trustek.

And our original audits have done just that over the last 18 months, saving clients an average of 30% on operational expenditure and benchmarking their assets and portfolios against 4.6million sqft of UK commercial real estate.  

Since the first Audit back in 2022, we have we continually listened to and heard our clients’ needs, helping them adapt in the face of various challenges. This unique insight, whilst working with clients such as Redevco, Knight Frank, Colliers, Muse, Mapletree and Patrizia, has enabled us to further develop our in-house software, expanding the areas of analysis and making our audits outcome-based; providing real etsate with the answers they need to make the most of technology.

Start with solid foundations

For Trustek’s co-founder Freddie, the Audits are about getting back to basics;

“We see time and time again real estate keen to add to their building's technology stack as a way of being innovative, but what is often more effective is going back to basics. What technology do you already have? Is it as effective as it can be? Can it be improved upon before investing in new technology?

Without having a firm understanding of the foundations, it is hard to build upon. This is where a Building Audit is unlike anything else on the market; it provides core knowledge alongside a gap analysis and remediation report with no and low-cost improvements, as well as significant investments, specific to that asset. It’s not about procuring something new.”

The new Audit focuses on seven (previously six) key areas critical to every commercial office building in the current climate, with five areas aligning to industry standards or accreditations, allowing owners and operators to pre-assess their buildings before launching into expensive certifications.  

Within the seven areas we assess not only the technology, but who uses it and how it is used.

Real Estate want answers

For Michael, Trustek’s co-founder, this new development is a big step for Trustek and for Real Estate;

“The fact our audits are now specifically outcome based, is a huge differentiator. Nothing out there on the market analyses technology, people and process, but more importantly, no other audit gives the answers that real estate is looking for. How can I use my existing technology to enhance my ESG Strategy? Can this certification I’m considering really provide the ROI I need? What low-cost improvements can I make that will have a significant impact on my tenant experience?

It raises big questions: If you don’t know the basics, what are you doing? Are you standing still whilst your competitors are moving? How are you benchmarking your asset against others in the industry? Then offers guided, specific, independent solutions for assets or whole portfolios.”

To see how our Audits work and how much they cost (including our modular approach), visit our Building Audit page >  

Alternatively, book a meeting with us to discuss Auditing your asset or portfolio >

Freddie Pritchard-Smith


Freddie Pritchard-Smith

Freddie has a foundation in commercial real estate having worked for over 10 years with some of the most prestigious landlords in the Central London office market such as LaSalle Investments, Shaftesbury and Blackstone. Back in 2018 he pivoted his career to build and launch a tenant engagement mobile app and smart building platform call Savvy. Savvy deployed in 15 numerous buildings across the country and is used by thousands each day as well landlords like Derwent London and Clearbell. Freddie’s background in both real estate and technology enables him to understand the nuances in both commercial and technology development processes. It also drives his passion for seeing underutilised proptech succeed and ensure that any technology provides an enjoyable experience for customers

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