We generated over £1.1m of revenue for our PropTech partners over the last 12 months. Sound good? 

Trustek’s mutual partnerships match the right tech for the right problem. Typical sales cycles for PropTech are six to twelve months. But with us, because our client's problems are live and we understand their budget, constraints and needs, we can freshly match make your PropTech to their problem and dramatically reduce that cycle. 

As a provider of PropTech to commercial real estate we know it can be challenging for you to grasp the nuisances of a landlord’s or asset manager’s problem when you’re going in cold. All too often we see PropTech companies fitting their square pegged tech into a property’s circular problem resulting in poorly deployed and eventually defunct tech gathering layers of digital dust.  

But it doesn’t need to be that way. The best PropTech is the one that succeeds because it has been matched to the correct problem, thoroughly tested, expertly deployed and then measured to ensure long-term benefit and ROI. 

With a combined 45+ years of experience in commercial property and technology, and an unrivalled drive to see commercial real estate reach its full potential through independent building audits and smart building consultancy, we’re perfectly placed to partner with you and enable your PropTech to truly succeed. 

Our clients

Your journey to become a Trustek Partner


Phase 1 - Going beyond the Bio

We want to get to know you properly, going beyond the words on your website and to virtually meet you so we get a deep understanding of your mission, your culture and how you align with Trustek’s vision for commercial property. And we invite you to do the same. 


Phase 2 - Due diligence

We professional vet every single partner so we know we can recommend the best solution to our clients challenges. We qualify the ROIs, verify case studies, and explore all your tech’s features and functionality, including integration capabilities. 


Phase 3 – Finding the right problem

Every day we work with landlords, asset managers and property managers who have challenges that need solving. But because they don’t have to time to research, check and negotiate with the thousands of PropTech companies out there, finding a truly spot on solution is nigh on impossible. That’s where we, as independent PropTech consultants can match your solution to the right problem, swiftly and effectively.

Trustek’s partnerships are completely mutual.

Once your solution is in place and you’ve been paid, only then is our partnership fee is earnt. Should you wish to add value to your clients through our consultancy services, a referral fee will be winging its way to you. Not only that, but we will work closely with you and your client to help fully embed your solution. 

We have standard terms for typical partnership agreements but understand there are different factors when it comes to revenue share models which can be discussed throughout the vetting process.  

Guy Adderley

"As PropTech people ourselves, we spent years searching and networking with clients to find the elusive "PropTech evangelists", who will help drive and deploy your solution portfolio-wide. That's where Trustek comes into play. We sit right in the middle, bridging the gap between property and technology; helping PropTech companies to successfully scale (with the right clients!)."